ToneDexter Audio Sprockets

Eine neue Ära in der Tongestaltung von akustischen Instrumenten ist angebrochen. Ob Gitarre, Mandoline, Banjo, Violine, Cello, Bass alle Instrumente lassen sich mit dem ToneDexter auf ein neues Level bringen.

Durch die geniale Train Funktion lernt man den ToneDexter das Signal des Instrumentes so zu bearbeiten, das es klingt wie man es unverstärkt im Raum wahrnimmt.

22 User Plätze stehen für verschiedene Instrumente oder Klangfarben zur Verfügung.

Marc Gerber

What a sound! The ToneDexter is just a mindblower! It works fantastic and it comes to a totally different playing!

Just Great!!!

Peter Frampton

From thefirst listen, it's easy to hear that ToneDoxter is amazing! But the truth is, it's a game changing piece of gear for live acoustic instrument sound. it adds the sound of a microphone but without the mic or the feedback. I used ToneDexter on my recent RAW Acoustic Tour and finally vave studio quality acoustic guitar sound live

Peter Wassenhoven

Thank you for developing the ToneDexter! This is what i always was lookong for. Now i have the sound of my handmade guitar over the PA!

It's sounding great! I've atready ordered a second device

I hope ToneDexter will have great sucess all over the world.